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  • Found! Rare local label. Though the company did churn out workwear for decades, I have not seen this label before. Read on if you’re interested! Cool local stuff.
    Horn & Blum Manufacturing Company was established in January, 1911, and incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin with a capital of $25,000.00. Their main factory 48x110, of which they occupy two floors, is located on Dewey and Bridge streets, and they also occupy two floors of the Heubs (Heubsch) Laundry building. They employ on an average of seventy hands and manufacture overalls, jackets, shirts and extra heavy and durable clothing for lumbermen. Their plant is equipped with the latest and best machinery. They turn out a completed garment every forty seconds, and their product is sold by their eight traveling salesmen in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, North and South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota.

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